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Helen in two contrasting scenes BBC Radio 4 Drama ‘The Cry of The Bittern’.

Directed by Peter Leslie Wild.                                                          Length: 3:37

A scene from ‘The Archers’ where I played the Magistrates Clerk.

Directed by Julie Beckett.                                           Length: 0.30

‘I Can’t Be Ill, I’m A Hypochondriac’ where I played Paula opposite Ray Brooks.

Directed by David Ian Neville.                                                             Length: 0.44



Bella Hamblin - Radio Drama Showreel - Helen in The Cry of the Bittern for BBC Radio 4 - Dirs- Peter Leslie Wild & Vanessa Whitburn.mp3 Bella Hamblin - The Archers.mp3 Bella Hamblin as Paula in 'I Can't Be Ill, I'm a Hypochondriac'.mp3 Left With All This (Edited).mp3 Bella Hamblin - Web Audio Extract.mp3


Clare in ‘Left With All This’, a dramatic monologue for Minute Radio Drama.
Directed by Alison Carney.                                                              Length: 0.50
Narration for Web Audio - JME Associates/Rexi Media (US).
Director Sean Connolly.                                        Length: 0.25

I have digital home recording facilities, from which I can record and send audio by means of a number of web-based secure digital file delivery companies.

Here are a few examples of my voice work, including radio drama and corporate styles.

Just click on the microphone icons to listen ...