‘Confidential’ Commercial Shoot - September  2020

One good thing for us that came out of Lockdown, was the new term ‘bubbled couples’. This went in our favour when a top brand was looking for a bubbled couple for their most recent television commercial.

So, Sean and I set up our shed with our green screen and lights and recorded a self-tape for our audition. A month went by with no news, so we both assumed we hadn’t got it, but to our great surprise, whilst on holiday in North Wales (ahh the sea!) we received the news that we’d actually got the job!

I still can’t say what it’s for yet, if I told you I’d have to kill you! We travelled to Dartford for a few days and filmed our scenes (all very Covid safe!).

Hopefully we’ll be on your screens, interrupting your soaps and TV dramas very soon.

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