BBC ‘Casualty’ – November 2022/February 2023
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I was thrilled to be cast in ‘Casualty’ as the somewhat scary Dr Moira Murphy, or as the Radio Times described her, the 'fearsome' Dr Moira Murphy in two episodes of the award-winning BBC medical drama! It was great filming in Cardiff over a number of days, it gave me time to really get inside the character.

The filming days were really quite extraordinary, the detail in the studio sets, the sheer number of people involved in shooting the scenes. It was a little bit surreal being in the middle of Holby City’s ER department, it put me in mind of when I worked on ‘Coronation Street’ and stepped on to the cobbles for the first time!!

S37.E10 ‘Confidence and Paranoia’ and S37 - Ep 16 ‘Fight or Flight’ are still available to watch on the BBC’s iPlayer.

Confidence and Paranoiaare still available on the BBC’s iPlayer