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I’ve been ‘dabbling’ with drawing all my life. Doing Art ‘A’ Level at college was a wonderful and enriching time for me. When I went to drama school my drawing took a back seat! I picked up my pastels once again last year and realised what I’d been missing!

My Gran has always wanted me to be a sculptor or an artist because of the very strong artistic history within the family. Two generations of sculptors Thomas Thornycroft (my great, great, great, grandfather) and his son Sir William ‘Hamo’ Thornycroft are just the tip of my artistic ice burg!!
If you’d like to know more about my ‘artistic’ relatives then click here. I also have close family connections to such ‘literary’ greats as D.H. Lawrence, Thomas Hardy. If you’d like to know about that, click here. I’ve often been told that the BBC should do a ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ on me and my relatives ... I’m sure it would make great telly! All I need now, is to be in the public eye myself..!

pastels - various:

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figure work:

Dancers Male Street Dancer

animal work:

Green Eyes Cat's Eyes Owl Cat Bella Giraffe Tiger Tiger Strictly Christmas

landscape work:

Sunrise Sunrise 2 blue lion
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